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Curved Crease Pavillon 02

2d / 3d Transformation - Flat Paper Becomes a 3d Component via Curved Folding

The Project

Curved Folding Pavilion 02 is a monocoque structure that is comprised of several bays with curved folding parts. The geometric technique relies on mirror-reflections of general cylinders. This is the second project made with flat sheets of vulcanized paper that are folded to create architectural components. The assembly logic is based on component assemblies of relatively large parts with self-adjusting joints.

The Team

[Student Team: Angie Kim Park (Research Assistant), Eva Bajko, Joshua Cooper, Uarnice Hong, Zaixing Huang, Chongsoo Jeon, Angie Kim Park, SoYeon Lee, Yuanming Ma, Safa Mehrjui Seyed, Maria Rosario Flete, Mingyang Sun, Taline Tenguerian]

Project Gallery